The Hotel

Kythnos Bay: an exceptional hotel in Kythnos

Kythnos Bay Hotel provides a reception, a seating area, 50 double and triple rooms, a certified rich Greek Breakfast, a breakfast area and free parking. The meticulous minimal decoration of the hotel, with the modern furniture and the earthy colors, harmonizes with the Cycladic landscape of Kythnos. The background is dominated by the blue of the Aegean and the white of the Cycladic Kythnos, while the mountain fills the cool verandas of the hotel with scents of thyme and lavender.

Experience a special stay in Loutra of Kythnos and the unique air of our Cyclades. Holidays with family, friends or partner here become unforgettable. The simplicity yet elegance of Kythnos Island, in combination with the 100 beaches, gives another note and the feeling of relaxation returns to your daily life.