Spa Treatment

An oasis of relaxation, recreation and welfare ...

For many years Thermia has been known for the hot springs of Kythnos and its thermal tourism, already during the time of Othonos and Amalia. Your summer vacation is considered - and is - a bet of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. Thus, our Spa Treatment services will offer you all the beneficial elements of the thermal springs and you will have a unique vacation experience worthy of your requirements. Treat yourself with the enjoyment of a special, personalized thermal bath therapy and trust the hands of our specialized staff in order to be initiated in new paths of inner peace. Exercising and having an hydromassage in the special indoors spa of Kythnos with the marble baths, are a unique experience. Rejuvenate through hydrotherapy in an environment of timeless picturesque beauty. Then, return to our uniquely designed wellness area to enjoy a special relaxing massage, which stimulates all your senses and improves mental balance.

Let your expectations take shape and leave an unforgettable imprint on your body and soul!


Massage in Kythnos Bay Hotel

Trust our experienced staff and give yourself and your loved ones a refreshing massage, which helps eliminate accumulated toxins and the stress of everyday life. Relaxation techniques and sports massage will rejuvenate and relax your body, offering a sense of energy and well-being during your vacation.

Shower Room

Relax in our Shower Room, ideal for early check-in or late-check out. Built with touches of stone, colors of sand and classic white, decorated with wood, bathed in the rays of the warm Cycladic sun, it will offer you the tranquility you are looking for. A nice, refreshing shower at any time of the day, after a tiring trip, is the best choice to relax the muscles and achieve physical and mental balance. Immerse yourself in the magic of this perfume journey from the special Apivita care products and eliminate any stress and discomfort at Kythnos Bay Hotel.
Live this experience with us!